At the heart of an on-going controversy is Los Angeles World Airport's (LAWA) plans to expand LAX runways to increase capacity.  A LAX Town Hall was held Monday, December 1 in Westchester to highlight critical airport issues impacting the entire So Cal region and also surrounding communities.  The Town hall featured local political leaders from areas surrounding LAX, LA Council member Mike Bonin, and regional leadership from the Inland Empire that is being under served. Information from the Town Hall presentations is available in the documents section of this website. LA policy to concentrate air commerce at LAX needs to be changed to enhance prosperity for the entire region as well as improve long range prospects for Los Angeles City residents.  Although a 2006 Stipulated Settlement called for LAX modernization and development of a regional network of airports, it has not happened.

Everyone supports LAX Modernization, but LAWA plans include capacity expansion.  Past LAWA leadership had the foresight to push for Regionalization; it now acts to the contrary.  We must stop their madness which puts our economy at risk.  The only choice is to continue the lawsuits enforcing previous settlement requirements which LAWA ignores and to stop more recent expansion plans!  Come express your local and regional concerns.  Presentations will include topics of noise, pollution, and traffic congestion along with economic considerations.  Hear the status of on-going lawsuits to force implementation of good public policy.