We thank Mayor Garcetti and the Board of Airport Commission for their search to find a new Executive Director who has the expertise to operate one of the largest passenger traffic airports, LAX, and the rest of the LAWA airport family while exhibiting sensitivity to work with the surrounding communities to minimize airport impacts. 

Ms. Flint has been the director of Oakland International Airport which has on-going construction projects of various types—both landside and airside. We are pleased that Ms. Flint is experienced in development of public access as well.  Her expertise will help us continue to overcome decades of deferred maintenance at LAX.   Her dedication to air safety is important to everyone.  We understand that Ms. Flint has a history of working with local groups and business to improve surrounding communities and we look forward to working with her.

As Oakland International Airport director Ms. Flint has shown the ability to work within a network of regional airports.  We see this as particularly important because LAX is situated adjacent to the two major So Cal earthquake faults. LAX’s near monopoly of international flights and large percentage of domestic flights for the entire Southern California region is a risk we need not bear.  We understand that she will work to develop a cooperative effort with the other airports to improve their volume so that all of the region’s fortune is not in one basket.

We congratulate Ms. Flint for her decision to come to Los Angeles and look forward to a positive relationship that improves LAX while developing into a first class neighbor and partner in improving the visitor experiences for our tourists.

Denny Schneider, President of ARSAC, stated, “We welcome New Executive Director Flint and look forward to working with her to ensure that landside terminal and surrounding community changes are the best possible and that complementary airfield changes will provide the world class airport that Los Angeles and the region deserves.”