This landmark agreement is a win-win for everyone! The real significance of this agreement, however, is that it is documenting a meeting of the minds and is not just another “enforceable agreement.” On behalf of ARSAC and the communities surrounding LAX, we thank Councilman Mike Bonin for his leadership in the development of this agreement, and to Mayor Eric Garcetti, The Board of Airport Commissioners, and Los Angeles World Airports for working with us to make this long-time coming agreement come to fruition. We also want to thank Congresswoman Maxine Waters for her unwavering support. This agreement demonstrates a new era of cooperation between LAWA and its neighbors not seen in over 40 years where air safety, air quality, noise, and health concern mitigations are on the same level of importance as operational efficiency.

We dedicate this landmark agreement to Denny Schneider’s visionary deceased wife, Nan; great, great, great friend Bill Rosendahl; and our airport mentor Roy Hefner, deceased Westchester Community member, whose efforts made this possible.

The ARSAC Board and community spent well over 100,000 man-hours during the past 20 years reviewing and commenting on LAWA projects. This agreement brings certainty to communities where unconstrained airport growth caused a very uncertain world and damaged quality of life.

This agreement calls for:

Improved north airfield safety without moving runways closer to airport neighbors. Safety enhancements include moving high speed taxiways to the last third of the runway ends, improved taxiways parallel to the north terminals and active safety technology such as Runway Status Lights (RSL) and Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signals (FAROS) to warn pilots if it is unsafe to enter or land on a runway. These new north airfield taxiway enhancements should result in a reduction in aircraft emissions thereby protecting the surrounding communities and the 50,000 people working at LAX.

New passenger gates within the Central Terminal Area will replace the west remote gates currently served by buses.

A new community park in the LAX Northside Development

A new site for an airport air quality monitoring station “Real” ongoing dialogue will occur between LAWA, ARSAC and the community to make LAX better while enhancing the community.

Denny Schneider, President of ARSAC, stated, “We have been the strongest advocates for fixing and improving service at LAX and to make it safe. This is a great day for Los Angeles because LAWA is now updating needed landside terminals and public access to LAX along with significant taxiway improvements and upgraded safety systems.”

Robert Acherman, Vice President of ARSAC stated, “The MOU is a giant step forward in airport and community relations. We look forward to working with LAWA in improving access to LAX while also protecting airport neighborhoods from airport impacts.”

We are so pleased that this is now going to happen. LAWA is addressing both air and ground safety along as well as health impacts.

Thanks again to all you have worked to make this happen.